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TB 42 - Server revision numbers

This article explain how the servers revision numbering works.

The different fields of the Revision Number considers the H/W configuration:

The Revision number is a sticker on the back of the server, this code give a detail description of the list of parts the server was shipped with.

revision numbering

Please note that any upgrades you have done with effect this. 

The PSU make and model, 
What motherboard it was shipped with;
What drives it was shipped with;
What memory modules;

Please read TB_42_DCP2000_RevNumber_000438_v2_0.pdf

This is a section of the TB_42; 


A label formatted according to the following template “Rev: MDHCFX-AD-m.nnPBHGUV”
shall be placed on the rear panel of the chassis, next to the unit’s S/N sticker.
The different fields of the Revision Number considers the H/W configuration as follows:

M = Motherboard Assembly Type and Configuration
D = Dolphin Type
H = HDD Configuration
C = Chassis Model Number and Configuration
F = Cooling Configuration
X = GPIO and LCD Modifications
AD = Audio Cards and DVD Configurations
m.nnP = Chassis Revision Number
B = Compact Flash Type
H = Hub Type
G = Option: Module(s) and Port(s) from List G
U = Additional module 1: Module(s) and Port(s) from List U
V = Additional module 2: Module(s) and Port(s) from List V


revision numbering pdf p2



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Version Map

Digital Cinema Player

Dolphin DCI 1.0
SW 2.8.25
FW 21.04n (non CTP)

Dolphin DCI 1.2
SW 2.8.25
SM 2.1.107
FW 21.02k (non CTP)
FW 21.03z

SW 2.8.20
SM 5.1.115
FW 30.11c

SW 2.6.7
SM 6.1.134
FW 4.6.6

SW 2.8.25
SM 6.1.134
FW 4.6.6

Bundle 3.3.23



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