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How to generate / create a detailed report (aka: Dreport /log file)


Equipment needed: 1x USB stick with 10MB of space free.

The estimated size of the log file is about 3MB to 5MB.

  1. Insert the USB stick into the front or rear USB port.
  2. The DCP2000 will automatically mount/load the USB stick and display the ingest window. 
  3. Close the dialogue box and the ingest window.
  4. Navigate to the Menu > Doremi Labs, Inc. > Diagnostic Tool.
  5. The Diagnostic Tool window will open in System. Click on the Detailed Report button.
  6. The Select Disk dialogue window will open, select USB Disk #0 and OK. This will set the destination location where the log file will be saved to.
  7. A report will be generated on the USB stick/device.
  8. When the operation is complete select Eject disc. YES.
  9. Then select Quit.
  10. Remove the USB stick.
  11. Now attach the Dreport to the case

You have now generated a detailed report and copied it on a USB Stick

Via SSH / VNC / ftp

This can be done locally or remotely

  1. Using SSH (PUTTY) opening a terminal window
  2. Log in with SU <enter> then the root password (this maybe different to the default)
  3. type: sh /doremi/sbin/report.sh <enter>
  4. The Dreport will be create e.g. report_xxxxxx_07122012_162806 (xxxxxx = the eSN)
  5. Now ftp into the server using the admin or root credentials to /doremi/tmp
  6. Download the report_227862_07122012_162806
  7. Attached this to your case

    NOTE: this if you have lost the root password, there is not back door and the bootflash has to be replaced.  

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