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[IMS2000] USB cold plug issue

On the IMS2000 unit (SW ver. 2.8.2-0), the USB will not be mounted by the system if the USB key is plugged before powering up the unit.
That is causing an issue when the procedure of the temporary setting of the network configuration (USB rescue) is performed.

This method should be used to "rescue" the unit in case the IP address is lost or forgotten.
The network configuration is set temporarily until the next reboot. The current IP will be back after the next reboot if this one has not been changed after the procedure.

For reminder, please see the below procedure to update the network configuration with a USB key:

1. Create a directory called "doremi" at the root of the USB key.
2. Create a directory called "tmp" inside the /doremi/ directory.
3. Create a directory called "network" inside the /doremi/tmp/ directory.
4. Create a file inside the "network" directory and name it "ifconfig.0" (this will be used to configure Ethernet port 0).
5. For static IP, enter your settings information in the "ifconfig.0" file, as follows:

  • interface: eth0
  • ip: my_IP_address
  • mask: my_mask_address
  • gateway: my_gateway_address

6. For DHCP, use the following settings:

  • interface: eth0
  • ip: dhcp

7. Plug your USB key on the IMS2000 unit (already powered up), and wait for ~2 minutes.
8. Perform a connection attempt by using the temporary IP address by launching the WebUI.
9. The current IP address can be changed (if needed) by selecting "Administration > Control Panel > Networking Configuration".
10. Unplug the USB key and reboot the IMS2000 unit.

NOTE: It's possible to permanently set the IP only via the USB. The file to put on the USB key is the same as presented in the above procedure but it must be placed in the directory /doremi/update/network instead of /doremi/tmp/network.

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Version Map

Digital Cinema Player

Dolphin DCI 1.0
SW 2.8.25
FW 21.04n (non CTP)

Dolphin DCI 1.2
SW 2.8.25
SM 2.1.107
FW 21.02k (non CTP)
FW 21.03z

SW 2.8.20
SM 5.1.115
FW 30.11c

SW 2.6.7
SM 6.1.133
FW 4.6.6

SW 2.8.25
SM 6.1.133
FW 4.6.6

Bundle 3.3.23



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